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Chinese shoe has never felt so hard
Nov 17, 2016

Enterprise by of effect has several situation: a is customer has pay deposit, products Shang has line production, but customer suddenly canceled orders, Enterprise not only cannot recovered payment, and caused goods backlog, inventory volume increases; II is in communication process in the, Russia customer canceled orders or requirements price, eventually everyone cannot reached consistent, customer termination, caused Enterprise loss; three is by Russia control exchange outflow policy of effect, customer requirements extension payment; four is orders of scale serious atrophy, small single and bulk single more, Corporate profits are very low. Little, little more, order pieces are became the new industry, long single into short, large, split into smaller lists are also used to do long term, large single enterprise test.

Footwear Expert Committee of China leather Association Rover footwear product Director for Russian exports overall situation is not optimistic: "Russia 2014 footwear trade deterioration appears at the end, dragging down the annual growth rate of exports to Russia, but more important will be reflected in the year 2015. Because 2014 is mainly the effect of orders and deliveries before and after September of that year at the end of the order, but with the ruble crisis is sharply within a short time fermentation, enterprises remain circumspect about orders by 2015, some enterprises can't even order expected in 2015 footwear exports to Russia will be much steeper decline. ”