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Four tips of shoe care
Dec 01, 2018

Can I get my shoes even shinier after polishing?


After polishing, ball up an old pair of pantyhose to about the size a tennis ball and use it to buff your leather shoes.




How to Clean White Shoes


White shoes can stay stylish only as long as they stay clean. So to make sure they last longer apply BIKI® Sneaker Cleaner. For leather, canvas, suede, mesh, and nylon shoes, use it to gently scrub away dirt, or salt stains, then blot with a clean dry towel and allow to dry. Bring back your white shoes original color and keep your shoe looking new. Shield your shoes with BIKI® Sneaker Protector and make your shoes smell as fresh as they look with BIKI® Sneaker Deodorizer. See how these products work together as part of the BIKI® Sneaker Care system.





Shoe Polish vs Shoe Wax

From what I can gather they are practically the same thing. The subtle difference between leather wax polish and leather polish is, wax is more for protecting and repairing the shoe, especially when youre already dealing with waxed leather. Polish is for a touch up in colour when you need to get the shine back into your shoe, but they both extend the lifespan of your footwear so be sure to use them.


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How to Polish Suede Shoes


Suede is a bit different from leather and doesnt need polishing as much as it needs cleaning. There are 3 simple steps when it comes to cleaning suede


Use a suede brush to removed any debris of dirt that may have built up on the shoe. After you have done this use the rubber bristled side of your brush and give the suede a buff. (remember if the suede is wet allow the shoes to dry before cleaning to avoid rubbing in stains)

Use a suede protector spray and spray all over the shoe and allow to dry. Take care not to over soak the shoe!

To keep your suede in good shape make sure not to wear it in conditions such as rainy and snowy weather, and be weary that hot, humid weather is not ideal for suede too.

However if you dont have the time for any of the above you can always visit you local shoe shine stand, and let someone else do it for you.


How to polish shoes


Now we have all your types of shoes down its worth having a look at how to keep them clean and neat, especially when there are different method for cleaning different materials


How to Polish Leather Shoes

This one is very important. Investing in a good shoe polish in the right colour can go a long way because all your leather shoes need sometimes is a bit of TLC to get that good olshine back. So dont go using a brown shoe polish for your black shoes.


Depending on how often you wear your shoes, as a rule of thumb, for shoes that you wear very often you should polish them once every week or two. That way it helps your shoes look better and last longer. The best time to polish your shoes is when you know that you wont be wearing them the next day, that way the shoe gets to absorb the polish really well. When polishing shoes make sure to cover the surface you are working on to avoid stains.


To polish your shoes youre going to need a clean piece of cloth, horsehair shoe brush, a shining cloth and a shoe polish.



The first step is for you to give your shoes a good clean, so start by using your horsehair brush to rub the shoes down to remove any dirt or dust on the shoes. Once you’re done, wipe them down with a damp cloth and leave them to air dry completely.


Now that your shoes are dry, wrap your piece of cloth around your index and middle finger and dip it in the polish, applying it generously but gradually in small circular motions. Wipe off any excess polish with a cloth and leave the shoes out to air dry.


Now that the polish has dried (preferably overnight).

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