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International leather fair transmit positive energy trading platform and promote development of the industry
Nov 17, 2016

Falling exports, weak domestic demand, is the direct cause of the slowdown of China's leather industry. All China leather exhibition, China International footwear fair and China International exhibition of bags, fur clothing and apparel, is a barometer of China's leather industry, is influential in the world of mature, internationally recognized trade shows. For many years in a row, it was supported by the Ministry of Commerce as guide exhibitions. In a blowout of the era of information technology, the exhibition economy leather great impetus in the real economy is still self-evident.

Three leather exhibition held in conjunction with the world leather industry to provide a platform for open communication, provide an excellent business opportunities for both international trade. Global elite annual gathering of leather leather country enjoying the feast, to show consumers with the latest styles, the latest technology products and consumer information, latest fashion trends, multi-party chat communicate face to face in the industry, is to solve the falling exports, leading consumption hot spots, increasing the production and sale of leather and related products rose, promoting the development of leather industry one of the most important.