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Mexico shoe will ask Government for anti-dumping tax on Chinese shoes
Nov 17, 2016

Shanghai Chinese shoe design by famous Chinese shoe designers, footwear experts-Chen Guoxue invested in a technology-oriented company, introducing footwear Kingdom of Italy CNC equipment, complete sets of last technology, last spring and France support. Company has international top of development design capacity, to shoes, and to sample copy technology superb, products quality reached Italy brand shoes last company equal quality, in new development new design, aspects can meet world States customer of requirements, company to technology for pilot, to technology for advantage, to quality for fundamental, in for customer of service in the into technology connotation and aesthetic concept, for customer provides with European business shoes developed synchronization popular style, combined States of feet type law, and technology requirements, and data size design beautiful fashion, and Comfortable to wear all kinds of high-grade shoe. Shanghai's development goals: first for foreign investment in Shanghai, China after entry into WTO footwear provided with a high standard of shoe and satisfactory service, and second in the professional design and production based on shoe, citing Italy technology, to the development and design of a new shoe, heel, sole and the shoe's overall design-professional and technical development of the company.