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Peru to our sandals and slippers for antidumping sunset review
Nov 17, 2016

On October 1, the Peru national competition and intellectual property protection (INDECOPI) dumping and subsidies Commission adopted resolution 114-2014/CFD-INDECOPI said companies such as Chosica footwear should be included, the Commission decided on Chinese imports of sandals, slippers for sunset review of anti-dumping measures. The decision to free the Peru report as of the date of entry into force of, and interested in participating in the review may, within 6 months to provide evidence or material to be heard, this time limit can be extended by 3 months.

INDECOPI in accordance with resolution 001-2000/CDS-INDECOPI and 181-2009/CFD-INDECOPI, anti-dumping tax on two products, involving products including rubber or plastic shoes (, 64029100.00, 64021900.00, and 64029990.00) and leather shoes or other surface (64039190.00, 64039990.00, 64051000.00, 64059000.00).