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Secrets of shoe manufacturing, such as how to turn adversity into opportunity
Nov 17, 2016

Choose from imported materials, enterprises in Quanzhou city in addition to value the cost of exchange rate changes, more focused on value-added products increased. Europe's debt crisis has prompted some European shoe companies to sell their products at low prices, coupled with the appreciation of the Renminbi, in a pair of shoes on the materials, international shoe and the gap of domestic ordinary shoes, now has less than 30 cents on the dollar. "Due to the use of environmentally friendly materials, easier access to European and American customers of all ages, using the imported shoes shoe, more on price than ordinary shoes sold nearly 10 million. "An industry source told reporters. It is understood that currently Anta, xtep, 361 °, Quanzhou shoe brands, more and more attention to the added value of using imported functional fabrics. Appreciation by lower raw material costs and promotion of value-added products, the main driving force is the net profit of these companies achieve growth.