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Wenzhou shoe leather shoes material market ready for development
Nov 17, 2016

Wenzhou leather shoes material market is based on the Group's plants, investments are x Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce joint venture set up in Wenzhou Wen, President of the Joint Center. After two years of hard work, the former powerhouse, has turned into a modern leather footwear professional market. Wen says Lv Weiguo, head of the Centre of joint investment, market opening time has been scheduled for 2015 on new year's day, and that after the turn-key, all households have access to the decoration and the trial.

Reporters on the scene, facade of the market quite fashionable, the six-story parking garage at the entrance in a tense construction, a five-star market is ready to go. According to reports, market a total construction area of 180,000 square meters, built 1800 shops, is opening three a, b, and d. From the market, internally-consistent configurations with central air conditioning, air system, just include escalators, elevators, panoramic elevator, Elevator up to 85.