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You know the tongue of shoe and ear type of shoe different
Nov 17, 2016

men's shoe last because of the long front of the tongue, metatarsophalangeal to tarsal area must have a full schedule than the head last, otherwise the shoes effort, and pressure foot.

men's and women's, children's-tongue shoes last, Commission arrangements on both sides of the flesh should be smaller than the head last, more Volt foot and heel on either side of the physical arrangements cannot be too small, or followed by capacity, led to exposure to the counter and catchy.

men's and women's shoe tongue, followed by the curvature of the arc should be slightly larger than the head lasts generally lasts long after the last 70 mm height inclined than l mm last bottom grew up to control. In short, due to the tongue-structure characteristic of leather shoes, high design requirements, both in appearance, comfortable heels feet without feet. To resolve this issue, the upper design is important, but the shoe design is based.