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Be Careful, Shoes Are Wet To Handle It This Way
Nov 17, 2016

No matter how much care you bought how many cans of waterproofing sprays, are hard to overcome a sudden heavy rain, more difficult against a pool of bloody puddles! If you love shoes unfortunately violated by water, in addition to tears following five things you can do to save her: first off it!

Told you to go barefoot walking on the road, of course, but after one seat of the company or at home, according to the judgment, immediately took off my shoes as much as possible, wet shoes across the old nausea, foot hot air, moisture will make it more difficult to save!

Stuffed with newspaper, and people still read newspapers? Anyway, the newspaper liberator and filled it not only can prevent shoes variants, can suck out the moisture, dry fast! If serious water seepage, remember to dry newspaper once per hour.

Take care of soles, many people ignore the soles, thought only the leather uppers need to take, but in fact it also wet, his shoes, shoe, sole exposed to air, it naturally dry.

Remember that! Never let the shoe contacts the heat, hair dryer, heater and so on are all taboo, the leather may produce cracks due to moisture dry too fast, save does not come back! Must be at room temperature and normal temperature!

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