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China Shoe Choices--currently Employees Choose To Specialize In Beauty, The Enterprise Should Choose To Be Better And Stronger
Nov 17, 2016

China shoes industry to out of current of dilemma, to based Yu both at home and abroad market, enterprise to health development, brand to has market status, to catch international brand name enterprise, first to set put Enterprise do excellent do strong of business concept, to abandoned yiqian those only pursuit front interests of practices, treasure valuable of resources, never can again to waste resources, and damage environment for cost of high-speed development, must Chase to health of sustainable development. For the sake of future generations, for the benefit of future generations, should do our social responsibilities and obligations. As Chinese people, we should keep in mind the words of Confucius "virtue" and the essence of Laozi's thought of "quiet." 30 reform so that we win, we must not be wicked for the sake of interest, much less impetuous pursuit of development, should quiet down, taking scientific development view as guidance, focused on innovation and technological progress, focus on doing better and stronger enterprise. The current international situation is complex, the footwear industry market conditions were very difficult. "Quiet Zhiyuan" studies of deep cultural significance, we must keep a cool head. In faced shoes industry unprecedented of dilemma before, regardless of is we business shoes entrepreneurs also is employees, are should static Xia heart to, select made wise of select, each a bit employees should static Xia heart to select do designed do beauty, each a a enterprise should static Xia heart to select do excellent do strong, this is we China shoes industry current of select, following briefly what is employees of do designed do beauty? What are businesses doing better and stronger?