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Chinese Brand Upscale Gentleman Shoes Company Profile
Nov 17, 2016

Chinese brand upscale gentleman shoes company profile Chinese design company owns Italy's most advanced shoe technology and manufacturing equipment. Company shoe design by United Kingdom Moody certification bodies certification, is Asia-Pacific's only internationally certified design technology. Chen Guoxue was the first batch of Chinese shoe industry expert-level talents with advanced designer certification, he is the drafting of the national standard of shoe people, the national footwear terminology standards drafted people of the book, the shoe design authors, the national shoe designer training materials editorial board members of the expert group.

Companies adhere to independent innovation, insist on integrated innovation, adhere to the footwear industry services for technical and product quality has won the trust of a large number of famous shoe. Existing Japan brand: aishike private, and Uchida, and Nakamura, and new Lochlyn Munro, and PaKa, and Union,; Italy brand: Capa, and DIADORA; United Kingdom brand: British treasure, and Clark; Germany brand: adidas; United States brand: Nike; Taiwan-funded brand: should be Thai, and Daphne, and Taiwan China, and section Kone, and Hasson; Hong Kong funding brand: hundred Li; within funding brand: Sen up, and conwise, and Red dragonfly, and aokang, and rich bird, and Gold Monkey, brand enterprise.