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Footwear Industry Standard Publication Footwear Standardized Optimization
Nov 17, 2016

The batch shoes class industry standard of released and implementation while solution shoes class industry related field production enterprise standard missing of problem; on the meet has industry current production development of need, reflected has technology progress of principles, keep has standard of advanced and practical, upgrade shoes enterprises of market core competitiveness, helps promoted shoes industry industry to international advanced level closer, on upgrade shoes class industry standard and international degree has important meaning.

In the Yu information analysis think, China is for world shoes industry manufacturing powers, but more posted brand production, independent brand, and innovation consciousness relative partial weak, and in the production workshop mostly, industry standardized not high, and with shoes class industry standard of released and implementation, while solution bulk, and mess, and miscellaneous of situation, improve shoes class products of overall quality; second can promote China business shoes industry benign development, business shoes standard of implementation, on business shoes material requirements more high, will eliminated some behind capacity, fittest, optimization industry structure, And improve the competitiveness of our footwear products in the world.