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Germany Shoe Factory Building Was Selected As One Of Cultural Heritage
Nov 17, 2016

This shoe factory was built in 1911, has exactly 100 years. Footwear manufacturers in the series that year (Carl Benscheidt) commissioned a Germany renowned architect Walter Gropius (Walter Gropius) and Meyer (Adolf Meyer) for its factory to create a modern look. Plants are mostly without Windows, at age 28, Gropius boldly introducing Windows bring light to the dark, oil-stained factories. People believe that this building to bring about a revolution in the construction industry.

World Heritage Committee commends the Gropius's design, "to the glass-and-steel exterior, giving the feeling of a light, elegant three-story, which is rare for a factory at that time"

This workshop is named faqus, because faqus is Italy English beech wood, this material is produced in this factory, the main raw material of shoe. Today, the factory is still in use, there are 360 workers. So here is "a living monument". Faqus shoe factory since 1946 by the Germany building preservation in 1984, fully renovated, now a shoe last factory warehouse was converted into a museum. Here is host to tens of thousands of tourists every year.