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Improve Manufacturing Ability To Speed Up The Transformation And Upgrading Of Shoes
Nov 17, 2016

Our pursuit of growth in the past, the pursuit of production scale, the pursuit of economic output, the pursuit of profit, the pursuit of economic interests. Development is the absolute principle. Today we are going to pursue independent innovation, the pursuit of independent brands, the pursuit of product quality, the pursuit of their own end-markets, the pursuit of sustainable development, the pursuit of scientific Outlook on development, the pursuit of "inclusive innovation."

In fact requires a long process of transformation and upgrading, first from enterprise management capabilities to the level of entrepreneurship promotion. Current emphasis is the promotion of enterprises ' product innovation capabilities, superb manufacturing capability improvement, pursuit, like Germany, and Japan that high-end manufacturing capability enhancements, the future vitality of our enterprise, and competitive in the market.

Chinese shoe industry to stable development, I think the current must adhere to the scientific Outlook on development and attention to science and technology, innovation, emphasis on industrial upgrading, lean techniques, better products, and stronger enterprises, is developing in the right direction.