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Looking For Fresh Ideas? Here Is How You Can Start Your Own Shoe Polish Company And Make Millions
Jul 03, 2017

- Kiwi remains the most popular shoe polish in East Africa and beyond - Product was first sold in Australia before it made its way to other markets - There are still no strong local shoe polish that can compete with Kiwi - However, locals can easily come up with their own shoe polish products Did you know that the much loved shoe polish in East Africa was first sold in Australia in 1906? This is despite the fact that locals are very well capable of making their own high quality shoe polish.


Kiwi has been around for decades and it remains the most popular shoe polish in East African countries including Kenya and Uganda. But that does not mean people in these countries cannot make their own shoe polish to compete Kiwi. “If anyone ever wanted to invest in shoe polish making business, then they should know that the market is huge and opportunities are numerous,” notes Uganda Investment Authority.


The product generally targets households, schools, and even security firms where people wear uniformed shoes, mostly black leather. According to the Authority, one would require about Ksh 2 million to set up a sizable shoe polish manufacturing firm that can generate monthly revenue of over Ksh 9.8 million annually. “For starters, you must get the right technology, which can be imported from China or India, and then the right raw materials,” says Charles Ocicis, executive director of Enterprise Uganda.


Production process has a few simple steps. All that it takes, really, is melting beeswax, cocoa butter and olive oil then allowing the liquid to harden up. The product is ready for use.


There you have it. You can now start your own shoe polish making business and say goodbye to good old Kiwi.