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National Standardization Technical Committee Of Shoes First Successfully Held Five Meetings In Beijing
Nov 17, 2016

National standardization Management Committee industrial two Department Wang Director published has Mr, on Conference of held said congratulated, on business shoes standard Board will in national standardization Management Committee and China Light Federation of guide Xia do has large work, specification has business shoes industry national, and industry standard, promote has China business shoes industry of development, and active participation international standardization work, continuous perseverance of participate in international standardization activities, Leading and participating in international standard numbers are increasing steadily and a series of standardized performance full certainly. Want shoe Standards Committee will continue to work for further success.

China Light Federation Wang Xuhua Director talked about in whole light industry standardization status in the, business shoes standard Board will work results is highlight, regardless of domestic standardization also is international standardization work are carried out of is smooth, especially international standardization work more highlight, from experienced of several times business shoes standard Board will annual in the feel to overall level constantly of upgrade, members and observer number also in yearly increased, full representative has business shoes industry of the interests related party, while talked about in the light joint to increased on standard of support efforts, Set up quality standards Department, and in the future will be, as always, support the work of shoe-making standards Committee.