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Reflections On China's Leather Shoes The Next 30 Years
Nov 17, 2016

China's leather shoe has been rapid development in the last 30 years, although many companies do big scale, but our industries and enterprises have not really strong. For example, current and Quanzhou, Wenzhou shoe enterprises, manufacturing technology, design technology and advanced countries there is still a large gap between management capability is not strong. Only the pursuit of market share and size is too big, too fast, resulting in a product of quality, management methods, marketing models, the same, the homogeneity of the product. Accustomed to follow each other, follow the business model is basically the same, in terms of marketing is used to "yellow bug" approach. As long as there is good "crop" you will eat it, so made is extremely competitive. You "chain stores" I have opened chain stores, you get "integrated concept shoe shop" I haven't got a shoe store. Mimicking simplistic, replication has not improved improved, not the pursuit of professional standards. Big fish eat little fish, big store small stores, supermarket and eating small supermarkets, from the channel to the Terminal market competition, competition from price competition to scale, the assassination of competition with each other, the industry more and more intense. The concept of self-discipline and self-regulation of the industry is very low.