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OEM Black Brown Neutral Colour Pasted Solid Shoe Polish for Leather Shoes

OEM CREAMY SHOE POLISH Item No: OEM516,OEM540,OEM360,OEM210,OEM500 Ingredient: Beewax,camauba wax,perfume etc Size: 50ml Colour: Black,Brown,Neautral plastic bottle with high density sponge applicator for long use. OEM high gloss shoe polish is made by adopting the latest processing technic.It...

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Item No:OEM516,OEM540,OEM360,OEM210,OEM500

Ingredient: Beewax,camauba wax,perfume etc



plastic bottle with  high density sponge applicator for long use. 

OEM high gloss shoe polish is made by adopting the latest processing technic.It richly contains camauba wax and other imported raw materials, which are all of high quality and can restore natural shine to the shoes for a long time. It can effectively protect the shoes against dirt and water cover up existing marks over the leather.  Directions: after cleaning the shoes, squeeze out some of the polish and apply it evenly over shoe surface. the shoes will soon become as shining as new ones.

shoe polish cream/wax


1) High quality with imported material

2) Clean and shine shoes finely, waterproof.

3) Dries quickly and instantly revealing newer, brighter and livelier surface

4) Polishes and shines fine leathers 

5) Unique sponge makes it easy to clean

6) Black, brown,light brown, havane, white,neutral colors available

7) 50ml, 60ml,75ml, 100ml available

NOTE:Not for use on suede or fabric

Bringing you oem black brown neutral colour pasted solid shoe polish for leather shoes, Zhongshan Biaoqi is one of the leading shoe care products manufacturers and suppliers in China. Also dealing with customized service, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale high quality shoe care products with innovative design from our factory.

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